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Bad Credit Loans Solutions

No hogwash here, I'll explain very easily what are some terrible misconceptions about having a poor credit history and how to get your loans or credit cards approved easily. You don't need to be in a state of constant dispair any longer. Find out what the market has become and how you can benefit from this turn. Settle your Bad Credit Loan issues now.

Bad Credit Personal Loans
For a list of lenders that specialize in catering for people with bad credit loans. From getting your overdue bills paid to emergency needs and overnight loans, our partners can provide you with the best solutions to your problems

Bad Credit Repair
For a list of our specially selected partners that can help you get your credit rating back to a healthy state. You can get you credit report back to a clean slate faster than you think!

Bad Credit Credit Cards
For a list of Credit Card companies that specialize in catering for people with bad credit. Even if you have applied through the normal channels and was denied, our partners can help. Get our partners see to your credit card needs.

Bad Credit Home Loans
Our partners that specialize in dealing with bad credit home loans. From HELOC loans to home purchase loans. With our options you may take out a cheaper home loan to pay off a the cripling credit card loan.

Bad Credit Auto Loans
We provide you with a list of our favoured auto loans providers that accept applicants with poor credit. From straight auto loans to motorcycle loans and vehicle refinancing. Don't let having a poor credit score stop you from the necessities of owning your own means of transport.

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans
For a list of our specialized partners that deal with debt consolidation loans. They help you substancially reduce you interest paid amounts and also help to increase you credit scores back to the green.

Our Mission with

Here at we have gone through the haze to narrow down the best solutions for individuals who need personal loans, home loans, home equity loans, auto loans, credit cards, credit repairs and debt consolidation and are faced with poor to challenging credit histories.

We help you with your credit problems with extensive list of bad credit lending partners, consolidators and credit card providers. We also help you repair your credit and consolidate loans, bills. Our Education Centre is packed with up to date insider information from market experts lending advice to our users, especially for people with poor credit history.

Let be your one stop portal for all your challenging credit needs. Our partners are less known vendors and as such provide very competitive rates and services compared to large banks. We have developed special relationships with them and together with our partners we can solve your credit issues faster and more effectively than any other credit portal on the internet.

Educate Yourself

We can't stress the importance of education enough before accepting a loan or applying for a credit card. Research should not only be done to ensure you make the right decision but also to gain a greater level of comfort in the decisions you have made so you are confident that you have made the right decision. We at have done all the running around for you however to really appreciate our service we recommend all our clients also educate yourselves about the intricacies of credit situations and solutions.


Article Depository

Our article depository is a fine selection of focused articles that we feel is extremely important as educational material. Please read these articles and gain a better understanding of the credit industry and also how to deal with bad credit.

FICO Scores, Credit Repair and Home Loans - The Real Truth

The Fair Isaac and Co. is the renowned developer of what in financial circles is known as the FICO score. A FICO score is a procedure or a methodology that gives a fair idea of whether users of credit will pay their outstanding bills. It was in the 1950’s that Fair Isaac, began working on a scoring ...

Continue: Fico Scores, Credit Repaor and Home Loans - The Real Truth

Understanding Your Credit Rating

You should pay close attention to your credit rating. Your lenders place a high priority on your credit score. A low score will limit your future purchasing power when trying to receive credit for things like credit cards, car loans, and home mortgages. Anyone that has been turned down because of...

Continue: Understanding Your Credit Rating

Things You Want To Know About Credit Card Debt Management

Not paying credit cards debts on time is a risky affair. As we all know that banks and financial authorities providing credit cards to you are very strict regarding their repayments. The penalties or interest rates on these cards are very high. Credit card debt management will suggest you the way to...

Continue: Things You Want to Know About Credit Card Debt Management

Why Second Mortgage Loans beat Home Equity Lines of Credit

When it comes to home equity loans, there are mainly two different options: A second mortgage loan or a home equity line of credit. The following article will explore the reasons why a second mortgage is a much better choice...


Continue: Why Second Mortgage Loans beat Home Equity Lines of Credit 

New Alternatives for Those Who Need Finance and Have Bad Credit

For those who have a bad credit history there are new options available for getting finance. You may have heard of bad credit Bank Accounts; these accounts are specially designed for those who have less...

Continue: New Alternatives for Those How Need Fiance and Have Bad Credit

6 Ways In Which You Can Avoid The History Of bad credit

Your credit habits are deeply rooted from years of practice. Even before you or your parents knew what credit was people were robbing you of your hard earned money. See if you can find the pattern and unlock the secrets to your future. Credit is so important to use you must learn it protect it and u...

Continue: 6 Ways in Which you can Avoid The History of Bad Credit 

Credit Card Debt Settlement

Credit Card Debt Settlement/Debt Negotiation is something you could probably do by yourself, however in most cases hiring professional help is the best way to go.

If you get professional help they can save you time and money because of their close working relationship with the creditor...

Continue: Credit Card Debt Settlement

Does Debt Settlement Affect Your Credit Score?

If you’re buried deep in credit card debt, you probably shouldn’t be asking if debt settlement affects your credit score. Instead, you may want to consider if you should really care what your score is. Think about your situation very seriously for a moment. You’re losing sleep and can barely make th...

Continue: Does Debt Settlement Affect Your Credit Score?

Overdue Library Books Can Hurt Your Credit Score!

As municipal governments increase efforts to collect unpaid parking tickets, dog-catcher fines, library fines and the like, some consumers are seeing a surprising impact-a radical drop in their credit scores. To each individual consumer, the fines in question may be very small and collection act...

Continue: Overdue Library Books Can Hurt Your Credit Score

Student Loans without Credit Check: Life Savers

You're a student, you're young and you live on your own. I bet you're loving every minute of it! Independence… what a great feeling huh? You can do whatever you want to do. Unfortunately enough, independence comes tied together with another word I think you won't like too much, or at least I don't…

Continue: Student Loans without Credit Checks Life Savers

Student Loans Regardless of Credit History: Make a Choice

Passing through University can be tough. Especially if you have to break your hiney off to get money in order to pay education costs. I know what I'm saying. I went through it. I had to work hard and study even harder if I wanted to continue studying. I already had some student loans but it wasn't e...

Continue: Student Loans Regardless of Credit History: Make a Choice

Non Credit Based Student Loans

Having bad credit will make lenders think twice before approving a student loan. Not only that, but interest rates increase when you have to repay a loan and have bad credit. Private student loans, state student loans, and even PLUS loans can become and stay a dream if you don't have...

Continue: Non-Credit Based Student Loans

Online Credit Repair

Late payment is the main reason for a bad credit report. To avoid a bad credit report all payments due should be paid in time and all the time. As most the time various factors such as how many times the late payment was made, what amount was due, by how many days the payment was delayed etc are considered for a bad credit report...

Continue: Online Credit Repair

Five Credit Mistakes Made By Rookies

Second Mistake-Having a swamp-like credit card. Swamps are nasty places where water collects and sits for a very long time. Credit bureaus like accounts that are more like streams then swamps. Pay more then the minimum payment and have a healthy flow with your cards. When balances sit for a long period of time it sends the wrong message...

Continue: Five Credit Mistakes Made by Rookies

Tips for Choosing the right Credit Card

Credit Cards are now one of the most popular forms of short term debt. The reason for this popularity is that credit cards offer flexibility and convenience that no other forms of finance can provide. Just be careful that this new found freedom comes responsibilities, don't get a bad credit report in the process...

Continue: Tips for Choosing the right Credit Card

Different Types of Credit and other Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation services enable debtors to resort to a single monthly payment of a fixed amount, instead of payments for a number of high interest loans. The debt consolidation loan allows lower interest rates than the credit card debts which carry a very high level of interest...

Continue: Read Different Types of Credit and other Debt Consolidations

What Are Bad Bredit Debt Consolidation Services?

There is a plethora of credit card companies out there offering a variety of credit cards. They bombard you with a number of tempting offers that ultimately gets you into a vicious circle of debt, right up to your gills. Getting out of credit card debt is not very easy, and you need to tackle it head on. The only sure shot way...

What are Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Services?

What is Credit Card Debt Consolidation and What Do You Need to Do?

There is a plethora of credit card companies out there offering a variety of credit cards. They bombard you with a number of tempting offers that ultimately gets you into a vicious circle of debt, right up to your gills. Getting out of credit card debt is not very easy, and you need to tackle it head on. The only sure shot way...

Continue: What is Credit Card Debt Conslidation and What Do You Need to Do?

Struggling to Pay Your Bills? Credit Card Debt Consolidation may be the solution for you.

Are you struggling to pay your bills? Can't seem to manage the surmounting expenses? There are thousands of people like you, and there really is no cause for extreme anxiety. Thousands of people have mounting credit card bills and even more are what the firms consider to be a bad credit risk.

Continue: Struggling to Pay Your Bills? Credit Card Debt Consolidation may be the SOlution for you

Debt Consolidation Loans as a solution to Credit Card Debt

Debt consolidation loans are always beneficial for consumers who are reeling under the burden of bad credit card debt. A credit card debt consolidation loan is a smart approach to avoid bankruptcy, eliminate harassing calls from creditors and lower the debt burden imposed by surmounting credit card bills.

Continue: Debt Consolidation Loans as a Solution to Credit Card Debt

Using a Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan as Debt Relief

If you find yourself reeling under the pressure of mounting credit card bills, and feel you need some financial assistance to avoid filing for bankruptcy, you can probably consider a Bad Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan. With the assistance of credit card debt consolidation, you can combine the outstanding balances on your credit...

Continue: Read Using a Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan as Debt Relief

Don’t be Driven by bad credit with bad credit Car Loans

Loan seeker with poor credit score is denied for the car loan in the financial market. And, if anyhow the person is able to procure finances for his car, in such case he is asked to pay high rate of interest. This implies that leniency made in past for making repayments affects the present capability of a person to...

Continue:: Don't be Driven by Bad Credit with Bad Creidt Car Loans

Are bad credit Re-Mortgages Impossible?

So many of us feel that having bad credit will make a re-mortgage impossible or very close to impossible to say the least. With so many of the traditional lending institutions not even wanting to speak to us, slamming the proverbial door in our faces before we can open our mouth to speak our case, very few options...

Continue: Are Bad Credit Re-Mortgages Impossible?

Cash Back Credit Cards: A Good Idea Or A Sneaky Way To Get You To Sign Up?

A cash back credit card always seems like a good idea. Imagine being able to get cash back on all purchases made with your credit card; it's almost too good to be true. It is happening, however, you will only usually get around 1% cash back. But, it's free cash, right? well almost. This type of credit card is becoming...

Continue: Cash Back Credit Cards: A Good Idea of Sneaky Way to Get you to Sign Up?

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